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First of all,

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) simply means growing your authority and approval with search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and convince them you are the best there is and deserve to be in page 1 of search results when a relevant search to what you have to offer is made.


Why does page 1 matter? It's been proven that the vast majority of consumers don't look past the first page of Google. Additionally, those who are in the top 3 spots receive the highest number of clicks since people often don't scroll down on lower results.


SEO's isn't about building a website for search engines, it's about building a website for people. By using best SEO practices and ensuring your site is where consumers are looking and finding what they need is how we deliver results – and that's what search engines want too!

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Do I Need SEO Services?

In the online consumer-searching world, SEO is everything and you better be using it. You can bet your competitors are using SEO to some degree. While many try to figure it out on their own and end up causing more harm than good, just like anything else involving technology, there is a right and wrong way to harness its power, but if done incorrectly, it can have consequences.


We love helping companies who want to effectively and correctly dominate their niche, the truth, soon or later your competitors will be seen at the top and it will be that much harder to beat them the longer you delay.


So let's break it down. A search engines job like Google is to provide the best search result. They start by doing these two things:

Crawl the World Wide Web to create a database of web pages they find
Sort out the web pages into the right keywords and rank them based on accuracy and relevance


When someone initiates a search, Google among others filters through its database of millions of web pages to deliver the results page, known as SERP, with the best ranked web pages on relevance. The more accurate and relevant a web page is, the higher it ranks, the more clicks it gets...simple, not quite.


Search engines are machines and use mathematical formulas and various other signals to evaluate how "relevant" web pages are and their up most goal is to deliver the best result. Properly done SEO gives you increased traffic from major search engines, resulting in more exposure, customers, and revenue. That's why investing in SEO delivers exceptional rate of returns.

3 Reasons Why

SEO Is Still Important Today

Stronger Leads

When you have an effective SEO strategy you are in a prime spot for higher conversions. Which makes sense if a prospective buyer finds you while searching for your products or services.

#1 Traffic Source

Search Engines Claim Over 60% Of Web Traffic!
Studies have revealed over 310 million of website visits were made from Google, Bing & others for the vast majority of all traffic. Organic search still remains the # 1 channel to most websites. 

Builds Long-Term Benefits

Consumers are researching more than ever before making a buying decision. That's why it's more important than ever to have an SEO strategy in place. Additionally, SEO efforts build over time creating long-term returns for your business.

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We have motivated and inspired business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals in a variety of industries. We've designed websites that harness the power of SEO and created marketing campaigns that boosts brand awareness and reached new revenue milestones. The choice to take action is yours.

Costly SEO Mistakes To Avoid.

Search engines today are getting smarter and more difficult to understand. They provide localized results based on current location, recommend places or things the searcher might like, and redirect traffic towards a more favorable result – based on a number of ranking factors.

Here are the most common SEO mistakes we see and ones best to avoid.

Not Mobile Optimized

We see websites all the time that look good on desktop but look terrible on mobile devices. User experience is a top priority for search engines considering most people have a smartphone or tablet and mobile search is increasing considerably. It's crucial that your site delivers a mobile-friendly experience, otherwise you'll be penalized by Google since as of April 21, 2015 updated its algorithm to favor mobile first indexing. 

Broken Links

Ever enjoyed a great article and then you see a link that promises more info only to find an error page? Yep frustrating...
Google knows how this impacts user experience and if your website has broken links you're not aware of, this can have negative SEO and ruin all your hard work. Don't be your own enemy, scan and fix any broken links.

No Analytics

Many business owners, when asked how their website has been performing this month compared to lasts, have no clue; even if SEO attempts have been made. The only way to track SEO progress is by setting up tracking code to analyzing software. Failure to do this can leave you wondering if SEO is really working and find other areas of your website that could use improvement. Without any tracking, you're just left in the dark wondering and guessing.

SEO mistakes to avoid

We want to be in the battlefield with you, but we also need you to work with us as a team.
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So How Do We Do It?

What Does Advanced SEO Services Include?

While this is not a conclusive list, it gives you an idea of what we do and steps taken.

Competitive Digital Analysis

We perform keyword research and identify your top sales-driving search terms in your niche and industry. Next, we establish your baseline for your website code and structure, content, local visibility, and off-site citations. Then compare it against your competitors to create an actionable plan.

Analyze & Optimize Website

We scan your current site structure and code to ensure no problems or errors are found in the "back of the house". We'll optimize your site to load fast, secure, and is indeed mobile-friendly by editing your sites code and structure to be in line with best SEO practices. Each page existing page is analyzed and edits are performed for search visibility.

Create New Website Creatives

Well researched and written website content is a cornerstone of a well implemented SEO campaign. We publish content tailored to your target audience while improving global, national, local search rankings while providing a seamless user experience. We're also capable of creating SEO optimized videos and infographics when we feel it will greatly aid in your strategy. Additionally, we'll optimize and create content for voice-friendly searches and digital assistants as voice search is growing in popularity.

Optimize Business Presence

We perform an audit revealing existing citations across online directories such as Google My Business, Yelp, Facebook, and industry-specific directories. Reviewing and editing your current Google Business listing is also performed ensuring all the info is consistent and accurate. For local businesses this is even more important. We have the experience and tools to optimize your listing for best local SEO performance. After these areas are checked and fixed, we manage and monitor your citations and look for opportunities to build your authority on the web. 

Tracking & Tweaking SEO Campaign

Keeping track of progress such as keyword rankings, organic traffic, calls and leads is a must in a SEO campaign. Keeping your competitors in the rear view mirror is also critical which is why we monitor your top competitors and look for keyword opportunities to outsmart them. SEO is an ongoing process and requires consistent review, strategy implementation, and creativity.

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Dominate Your Search Results with Advanced SEO

As skilled lead generators, we understand a website needs a strong SEO foundation in order to be successful.
Many web designers create a great looking site but don't account for SEO - leaving their clients site rather useless and frustrated.


Our Advanced SEO service has been proven to generate more qualified leads not just increasing traffic
(like others promise)


This service is so powerful and unique that we only offer it to clients who have had their website built with us.
This is because we know the ins-and-outs of their website better than anyone, thus allowing us to use proprietary techniques for our clients website's.


However, if you have a WordPress website and would still like to hire us for your SEO, we do offer an Enhanced version, but it is limited. Below are the areas Advanced SEO shines in:

Local SEO

E-Commerce SEO

Small Business SEO

Medium Business SEO

National SEO

Voice SEO

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