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The reason why Chicago businesses want to improve their online presence is because Chicago is very competitive! Our Chicago SEO services gains more customers and revenue through using our Advanced Local SEO techniques we developed ourselves.


Overall, SEO has been proven to deliver a higher return for the amount invested due to the fact it provides long-term growth.


As Chicago SEO experts, we partner with businesses, small and mid size, who want to see real results or want to delegate this specialty so they can focus on what makes their businesses great.

Effective SEO Optimization

A properly researched SEO campaign goes a long way combined with experience takes the guess work out of the way. We look at various criteria to discover your current rankings and online reputation, then proceed with an actionable plan. 

Chicago-Targeted SEO

Local SEO is all about how well you're able to present yourself to the community you serve and its people. Demographics, buying behaviors, target audience analysis, these are just a few areas we look into when crafting a successful Chicago SEO services campaign.

SEO Is Life

Having an educated partner that'll help you reach over bigger mountains and navigate the crowded online waters is more essential than ever. We live and breath SEO. Courses, seminars, and continuous testing are just a few ways we stay "in the know" to deliver the best Chicago SEO experience.

So how do we do it?

Advanced Chicago SEO

SEO is a long-term strategy and in order for your Chicago SEO campaign to be successful, we need to know your in it to win it. We become part of your team creating an unstoppable force to help you reach new growth and new revenue milestones.

Research Your Audience

Knowing who is interested in what you have to offer is important. A detailed analysis of who your target audience is will help us learn how to best design a SEO strategy that's right for your business. Our ongoing SEO campaigns keep on getting better over time by learning how your audience reacts and behaves online.

Find The Right Keywords

Often than not we come across a website that's poorly optimized for their area and business. We perform a detailed analysis of your website's content, code and link profile to identify the best keywords for your the Chicago area, then execute changes for the best SEO strategy for your business.

Hyperlocal SEO

People are searching all the time for local Chicago deals, products and services. We make sure your businesses information is accurate and consistent across the web, that way we can send more qualified leads right to your site and points of contact. We don't stop there, we'll also seek opportunities that will give you a competitive edge over your competitors.

Tweaking Your Chicago SEO For Best ROI

The SEO rules are consistently changing. We stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best strategies for our clients as we love hearing how well they are doing. Monitoring and improving your Chicago SEO campaign is part of what we do to make sure you are maximizing your investment.

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Why Work With iSeed Digital

Your Chicago SEO Experts

We understand how competitive the windy city can be. There's advertisements on every corner and the billboards don't seem to end.


We have taken the time, courses, trial and errors, and tested programs to figure out what really works for businesses in Chicago to attract leads. Unfortunately, many do not understand how a website works behind the pretty colors and pictures, or how to make the best use of reviews, or the physical location you are in.


In order to win in Chicago you need an experienced SEO team otherwise your business will get drown in with all the other advertisements going around. Contact Us to schedule a quick meeting and see how we can help

We Deliver Results

Our success revolves around yours.
That's why we take the time to get to know your business, ask the right questions, and define an actionable plan thats right for you. We don't rely on "what if's", we use proven strategies and in-house methods to get you to your next level.

We Are Honest

We believe a key to success is strong relationships: And that involves having a strong bond with our partners. We don't like being "sold" either. At iSeed Digital, we won't suggest a service you don't need. That's why we don't offer packages or bundles. Every approach is personally made for each partner.

We Know Digital Marketing

Having an SEO expert that helps you navigate the crowded waters of the online world is more essential than ever. Latest tech, consistent updates, and growing list of services are just a few perks you'll automatically in and have access to when your business is ready.

Launch To New Heights In Chicago with iSeed Digital.

We have motivated and inspired business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals in a variety of industries. We've designed websites that harness the power of SEO and created marketing campaigns that boosts brand awareness and reached new revenue milestones. The choice to take action is yours.

Its Not As Easy As It Sounds

Good Thing We're Steps Ahead.

No one can deny that The Windy City has much to offer. Chicago is one of the most populated and visited cities in the world, with tens of millions of people already living there and its suburbs. Everyone is a potential customer!


Chicago’s commercialized environment can satisfy many cravings for products and services, with businesses constantly rising up in the city, there's always something new and fresh to try in this growing city. But that also means competition is on the rise, and you need to have an adaptive SEO plan in place.


Julie Borck

Calvary Bookkeeping

I have been working with Jaime at iSeed Digital and he has helped me with my social media and SEO. He has done a great job and has improved my presence in both areas. He is easy to work with and very professional. I would highly recommend his services.

Dentist website testimonial - iSeed Digital

Thomas Chung

The Teeth People

ISeed sent my website to the next level. Great looking site, great customer service, and the most important the website works. I get a lot of traffic on my site.
Thank you to ISeed


Kelly Morrissey

Be' Jeweled

Working with iSeed Digital was a terrific experience. He guided me through each phase of the design process, explaining every detail and asking for my input. He brought my website to life! Working with Jaime felt more like collaborating with a friend, that is how comfortable he made me feel. I am so pleased with iSeed Digital,
I highly recommend his work!

Its Not As Easy As It Sounds

The Dark, Hard-Pressed Truth

Many SEO companies promise you the world and very few will be honest and open with you. At iSeed Digital, we take your goals, ambitions and our experience into consideration when taking on a new client. That's why we are selective in who we choose to work with.


SEO is not a one-size-fits-all and you need the right SEO company that has experience in your industry.
Below are a few cold-hard SEO truths.

Google Is Competitive

Everyones trying to compete for that number one spot, and guess what, no one is willing to give it up. However, there are rules that must be followed otherwise you risk all your hard work to where you stand now. Now these Google rules do change, and quite frequently. You need a Chicago SEO expert that monitors these rules and how best to apply them.

Your Website's The Problem

Many local SEO cases we've taken on almost always involves adding new content and reconfiguring web structure. All too often, we see websites that are not coded correctly due to lack of web/SEO implementation or hiring of cheap web services. This is a critical part of your marketing efforts and should not be taken lightly. 

Peoples Behaviors Have Changed

You may feel advertising your business is easy. Publish a website, pick up a spot in the local radio, hand out business cards – Done! The truth, over 90% percent smartphone owners look for products & services online; and your chances of scoring in the top 10 results are slim without a professional SEO company behind you. You need a Chicago SEO expert that understands the psychological behaviors of consumers as well.

We want to be in the battlefield with you, but we also need you to work with us as a team.
Let us supply the latest technology, equipment, and expertise to dominate your niche. But first you need to pass our questionnaire

Unlocking SEO Benefits

Now Imagine If We Applied This Process To Your Business

When someone searches on Google or any other search engine, more than likely they are looking for something specific. Take us for example, when someone is searching for local SEO its most likely because they are in need of that service or looking to know more about it.

The same principle applies to your business. Whether you're in the restaurant, professional services, automotive or whatever industry, people searching online specifically for that product or service is eventually going to make a purchase.

When your website is designed with the best user experience in mind, the content speaks higher than that of your competitors, and your brand is shown to the public in a way that converts effortlessly, the product and/or service you offer is of the BEST quality, and when you have your professional organic SEO to support all of that, you are establishing yourself more like a badass brand rather than someone who just sells a simple product or service.

It's been proven, advanced SEO wins the marketing race in the long run. It provides gradual growth and stability for businesses, and more importantly local. After all, it must work since you found us by searching for an SEO company in Chicago, and was all done organically(No Ads).

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Versitile Chicago SEO Experts

Industries in Chicago We Have Worked With.

Dentist SEO

Chiropractic SEO

Veterinary SEO

Automotive SEO

Attorney SEO

Pest Control SEO

Manufacturing SEO

Healthcare SEO

Construction SEO

Julie Borck

Calvary Bookkeeping

"I have been working with Jaime at iSeed Digital and he has helped me with my social media and SEO. He has done a great job and has improved my presence in both areas. He is easy to work with and very professional.
I would highly recommend his services."

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Chicago SEO Like No Other!

Because we're local, we're able to thoroughly research your service area & ideal customer right here in Chicago, IL. On top of that, we'll bring our advanced SEO tactics while providing personal & authentic service!