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We don't like confusing words either and understand business owners just want to know how can showing up higher on Google help grow their business. We take the time to explain everything, expertly craft an SEO campaign just for your business and will not mislead you with fancy search engine jargon. Our goal is to partner with entrepreneurs, business owners, anyone with a great idea and a profession they love when they wake up every morning. We love what we do too, and our desire is to see every partner of ours succeed.

Professional SEO Optimization

A properly researched SEO campaign goes a long way combined with experience takes the guess work out of the way. We look at various criteria to discover your current rankings and online reputation, then proceed with an actionable plan. 

Local Targeted Knowledge

Local SEO is all about how well you're able to present yourself to the community you serve and its people. Demographics, buying behaviors, target audience analysis, these are just a few areas we look into when crafting a Chicago SEO plan.

SEO Is Life

Having an educated partner that'll help you reach over bigger mountains and navigate the crowded online waters is more essential than ever. We live and breath SEO. Courses, seminars, and continuous testing are just a few ways we stay "in the know" to deliver the best Chicago SEO experience.

Chicago SEO

SEO Services Made For Chicago

So How Do We Do It?

Firstly, we love forming long-term partnerships with business owners who have the dedication and discipline to be successful. SEO is a long-term strategy and in order for your Chicago SEO campaign to be successful, we need to know your in it to win it. We see ourselves as part of your team we're here to help you reach new growth and revenue. 

Research Your Audience

Knowing who is interested in what you have to offer is important. A detailed analysis of who your target audience is will help us learn how to best design a SEO strategy that's right for your business. Our ongoing SEO campaigns keep on getting better over time by learning how your audience reacts and behaves online.

Find The Right Keywords

Often than not we come across a website that's poorly optimized for their area and business. We perform a detailed analysis of your website's content, code and link profile to identify the best keywords for your the Chicago area, then execute changes for the best SEO strategy for your business.

Hyperlocal SEO

People are searching all the time for local Chicago deals, products and services. We make sure your businesses information is accurate and consistent across the web, that way we can send more qualified leads right to your site and points of contact. We don't stop there, we'll also seek opportunities that will give you a competitive edge over your competitors.

Tweaking Your Chicago SEO For Best ROI

The SEO rules are consistently changing. We enjoy keeping up-to-date with the latest trends and best strategies for our clients as we love hearing how well they are doing. Monitoring and improving your Chicago SEO campaign is part of what we do to make sure you are maximizing your investment.

Why Work With iSeed Digital

As Your Chicago SEO Agency?

After many years of working closely with small and medium sized businesses, we realized many of them had unseen growth opportunity. Due to misinformation and common belief, many were left believing working with a digital marketing agency was out of their reach or felt it wasn't necessary. Since our inception, we have formed lasting relationships, helped startups avoid obstacles and built their brand from the ground up, turned established businesses into kings in their niche.
Those who trusted and listened to us, Stay with us. Why?... They're loving their results.

We Deliver Results

Our success revolves around yours. That's why we take the time to get to know your business, ask the right questions, and define an actionable plan thats right for you. We don't rely on "what if's", we use proven strategies and in-house methods to get you to your next level.

We Are Honest

We believe a key to success is strong relationships: And that involves having a strong bond with our partners. We don't like being "sold" either. At iSeed Digital, we won't suggest a service you don't need. That's why we don't offer packages or bundles. Every approach is personally made for each partner.

We Know Digital Marketing

Having an educated partner that helps you navigate the crowded waters of the online world is more essential than ever. Courses, seminars, and continuous testing are just a few ways we stay "in the know" to deliver the best digital marketing results and experience. 

Launch To New Heights With
iSeed Digital.

We have motivated and inspired business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals in a variety of industries. We've designed websites that harness the power of SEO and created marketing campaigns that boosts brand awareness and reached new revenue milestones. The choice to take action is yours.

Its Not As Easy As It Sounds

Good Thing We're Steps Ahead.

No one can deny that The Windy City has much to offer. Chicago is one of the most populated and visited cities in the world, with tens of millions of people already living there and its suburbs. Everyone is a potential customer.

Chicago’s commercialized environment can satisfy many cravings for products and services, with businesses constantly showing up in the city. There is always something fresh and new to try in this growing city.

But that also means that competition is on the rise, simply having your business open in The Loop is no guarantee of having an immaculate business. In fact, you need to ensure enough foot traffic to afford a living in Logan Square or Hyde Park, and living expenses are always on the rise in Chicago.


We don't like to hide anything, with that being said you need to come to the conclusion on a few things:

Google Is A Warzone

Everyones trying to compete for that number one spot, and guess what, no one is willing to give it up. However, there are rules that must be followed otherwise you risk all your hard work to where you stand now. Now these Google rules do change, and quite frequently. You need a local SEO expert that monitors these rules and how best to apply them.

Your Website's The Problem

Many local SEO cases we've take on almost always involves adding new content and reconfiguring its structure. More often than not, we see websites that are not coded correctly and are using the incorrect tags. This is part of your foundation, and is one of the areas we address first.

Advertising Game Has Changed

You may feel advertising your business is easy. Publish a website in 10 min, pick up a spot in the local radio or newspaper. The truth, over 90% percent of PC, tablet and smartphone owners look for products and services using their devices; and your chances of scoring in the top 10 results are slim without a professional local SEO company behind you.

We want to be in the battlefield with you, but we also need you to work with us as a team. We're equipped with the latest technology, equipment, and expertise.
While we don't assume we "know it all" we have been able to successfully help other partners in their local SEO endeavors. Just like how you found us, we can help you be found by your potential clients.  

A Better Version Of You

Now Imagine If We Applied This Process To Your Business

When someone searches on Google or any other search engine, more than likely they are looking for something specific. Take us for example, when someone is searching for local SEO its most likely because they are in need of that service or looking to know more about it.


The same principle applies to your business. Whether you're in the restaurant, professional services, automotive or whatever industry, people searching online specifically for that product or service is eventually going to make a purchase.


When your website is designed with the best user experience in mind, the content speaks higher than that of your competitors, and your brand is shown to the public in a way that converts effortlessly, the product and/or service you offer is of the BEST quality, and when you have your professional organic SEO to support all of that, you are establishing yourself more like a badass brand rather than someone who just sells a simple product or service.


It's been proven, awesome organic SEO wins the marketing race in the long run. It provides gradual growth and stability for businesses, and more importantly local. After all, it must work since you found us by searching for an SEO company in Chicago, and was all done organically(No Ads).

We Like To Have Fun Too

Some of Our Favorite Spots.

We love Chicago and had to make a favorites places to visit.

iSeed Digital web desginer in Chicago

Millennium Park

Millennium park is a park favorite of ours. The concerts, architectural creativity, and ice rink in winter never disappoints.

Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, IL

Shedd Aquarium

We love aquatic life. We try to make it to Shedd Aquarium at least once a year. The dolphins are just amazing and watching all the fish and sharks is breathtaking yet relaxing.

Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago, IL

Lincoln Park Zoo

If you have kids like us, Lincoln Park Zoo is a must visit. The year round events for kids and adults and free admission places this as one of our top 4 favorite places in Chicago.

Navy Pier in Chicago, IL

Navy Pier

What's Chicago without Navy Pier right? With so many food choices and year round events and rides, we enjoy all that Navy Pier offers!

iSeed Digital automotive client

Marvin's Tire Shop

"Super recommended and excellent service. The attention is personalized and consistent, at all times they are aware of your company and the advertising scope, as well as they are concerned about creating innovations to satisfy your customers."

analytics on tablet

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