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What Makes Effective Lawyer Marketing?

iSeed Digital is a full-service marketing agency for law firms that specializes in attaining quality leads for law firm practices like yours, and develop and maintain a successful online presence to stay competitive in today’s online marketplace.


Our mission is to provide and amplify your law firm using proven strategies to attract more quality leads right to your website or intake.

The 3 Best Marketing Tools Lawyers Need

We have tested and tried many online marketing techniques for law firms.
From our trials, the three that provided the best results were:

Advanced Lawyer SEO

Professional Website

Google Ads

Law Firm Marketing

First Things First

A Lawyer Optimized Website

We often find lawyer websites are either outdated or not properly configured. Critical mistakes such as header tags, page headlines & meta descriptions, non-responsive web design, all of these are common errors and are causing your law firm to loose out on potential leads to your neighboring law practice.


The code in the website itself is either working for you or against you. Websites that have not been properly updated and left unchecked, built incorrectly with large image files, or suffering from insufficient content could be the culprit of lack of clientele and phone calls.


We notice almost and immediate improvement in qualified leads, messages, and phone call activity after professionally creating or re-designing a law firms website.

Second, RE-Fining The Space

Advanced Local SEO for Lawyers & Attorneys.

In the Internet, your overall digital presence works as your storefront. Just like walking down a major shopping mall, if a potential client looks your way and doesn't like what they see – or worse didn't even find you at all – they keep on walking.


We help prevent that from happening.


Our proven law firm marketing involves looking over your complete online storefront. We ensure you have a converting website that's designed with the latest web features and radiates your professionalism and expertise as a lawyer.


RE-Fining your space means thoroughly checking your citations, business listings, social media business pages, Google Profile, and relevant law sites to make sure they are accurate in terms of clients being able to get in touch with you.

The most common errors we find are:

Incomplete Google My Business Listing
Improperly Configured
Inaccurate Contact Info Online
Low authority or online presence

Start Receiving Qualified Cases with iSeed Digital.

Whether you are a new law firm or an established attorney, attaining and screening new cases is critical.

The task is simple. We'll bring in the leads, you just keep winning cases.

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Third, Harness the Power of

Lawyer Google Ads.

While we believe SEO offers the best ROI, sometimes lawyer are looking for quicker results; that's where Google Ads comes in. A properly setup Google Ads campaign can provide that immediate boost in calls, message form leads, and case consultations.


Google ads are very effective as they can be setup to only show in certain cities, states, and even targeted neighborhoods for high-net worth clients for those big payout cases.


In addition, by implementing specialized code that allows Google Ads to work together with your website, your Lawyer Google Ads campaign becomes a lead generating machine!

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What are the Marketing Goals For Your Law Firm?

Just like law, it takes a great deal of knowledge and skills to be successful and great at what you do.


When you partner with a lawyer marketing company, you won't have to waste time trying to figure out which marketing techniques and strategies are best for you; especially when technology is constantly evolving.


Which means you'll have more time to dedicate to your cases and steady inflow of leads. As a leading marketing agency with the experience in supporting lawyers and attorneys, iSeed Digital is a great choice for your law marketing.


You'll receive a dedicated partner and all the help you need with SEO, branding, web design, review management, custom graphics, Google maps optimization & so much more!

How Do You Achieve Great Marketing As A Law Firm?

Now we get out of the realm of speculation and enter the good land of action. This section contains everything we will do in order to achieve our goals. There are plenty of strategies for achieving differing goals.


If you want to generate leads fast, there are two marketing techniques that work like a charm, if you know what you are doing. Using Pay Per Click & A Well Built Website.

Google Ads for Law Firms

Have you seen the top links that appear on top of search results? The first few are marked with AD. This is because companies earn their position there by paying straight to Google every time someone clicks on their link.

The cost of the campaign is based on competition for keywords that you want to target for your law firm. You choose the keywords you want to rank for, and see how much competition there is for those keywords in your area. A well crafted PPC campaign is able to optimize the cost of each click and provide cost-effective results.

Professional Lawyer Website

We love WordPress!
All of our websites are designed using this professional platform which allows us to fully customize your law firms website to perform at its best. A well made website design will not only appear in search results, but also generate leads either by phone calls, consultation form inquiries and/or office visits. 

Advanced Local SEO

Lawyers and attorney offices are usually only able to serve a certain area. Therefore, being able to stand out and attract cases who live within your service area is critical.

Our Advanced Local SEO is what makes this possible. We've helped law firms exceed new client acquisitions using location based local SEO.

Social Media Marketing

More than 1.7 billion people use social media everyday. Your clients are among them.

We investigate which platforms are best for your specific population based on which areas of law you practice in and create amazing and engaging content that appeals to them. Giving your law firm the power of remembrance and exposure at the same time.

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Lawyer Practice Areas We Have Experience In

Family Law

Estate Planning

Probate Law

Real Estate Law

Personal Injury

Class Action

Elder Law

Litigation Law

Divorce Law

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Law Firm Marketing

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