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Google Ads Management

First, what are Google Ads?

Ever searched online for your products or services on Google and noticed a competitor show up at the very top? They are most likely using paid ads to show up there. Google ads, or PPC, offer a quick return on investment which makes them so attractive when done well. At iSeed Digital, we have the expertise in creating Google ad campaigns and efficiently managing them.

Why Work With A Google Marketing Agency?

The Google ads manager platform can be complicated enough, and setting up an effective ad takes proper keyword research. Working with an experienced Google (PPC) marketing agency not only saves you time but gives you an edge knowing you have a team of professionals managing it effectively. 

Dedicated PPC Specialists

Our job as your PPC manager is to make your Google ads experience as streamline as possible. We'll handle all the technical and overwhelming aspect of your campaing.  

Your Our Priority

When it comes to our parters, our focus is to deliver the most cost-effective methods and best ROI. We're consistently monitor your campaign and make necessary adjustments to ensure you're maximizing your investment. 

Professional Tools

Aside from having knowledge in the Google ads manager, our agency has access to other tools and programs to help create the most effective ongoing marketing campaign for you.

All Of Our PPC Partners Can Expect

Our Google Ads Management Services

Extensive Keyword Research

Finding the proper keywords ensures you appear for the right searches right from the start, and monitoring your campaign's performance closely for unwanted keywords.

Effective Ad Creation

Effective ads involves analyzing their performance, testing, and making improvements.

Landing Page

We will create a landing page on your website to track visitors who have clicked through your PPC ads. This is an efficient way that allows us to see which ads are the best performing and selling.

Local PPC Campaings

Are you more of a local business? Let us target your city, state and even neighborhood. We can also set up a mini campaign to push one specific product or service within your service area.

Monthly Reporting

We provide a simple to understand report highlighting the most important information so you'll know if your campaign is working.


Enjoy the freedom that comes with professional Google ads management by being able to focus on other parts of your business. And if your needs change, we can always adjust.

Are Google Ads Right For Me?

While we believe Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the best approach for long-term growth and investment, sometimes companies need an immediate boost. Below we complied a list of questions to help you decide if Google Ads are right for you.

Google ads work on a bidding system, similar to an auction. If your bidding price for the selected keyword is higher than competitors, your ad will appear first on the Google page – giving you the best chance for someone to click. Once clicked, you are charged for that bidding price hence the words "pay per click". 

We monitor your campaign consistently to make sure you're maximizing your investment. Additionally, we will send you a report outlining its performance.

The nice thing about Google ads is that it's very customizable in ways of targeting locations. When set up properly, your Google My Business listing can also be added into you ads and allow you to not only show up and searches, but on maps too!

Aside from our experience, we like to be transparent. Expect no surprise charges from us. We lay out the details clearly. Here are a few things to consider when hiring Google Ads management:

  • Transparency
  • Strategy
  • Reporting
  • Pricing Structure

We provide answers to all of these in during our meeting with you.

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