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Surprisingly, the automotive industry is where we began our journey as a marketing agency. Our very first client was a local tire shop and still is to this day. We saw a huge hole in the automotive marketing industry that needed to be filled – accepting the challenge – started working with car repair shops, tire shops, and used car dealerships and now we've grown to be a leader in digital automotive marketing.

So how are we bringing in more used car sales and repeat customers?

Car Buying Focused Advertising

On-Site Video Filming

Staying a Step ahead of your Competition

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How Do I Grow My Car Business?

By Dominating Your Local Market First

How were we able to double the amount of foot traffic and phone calls for a local tire shop? Two words: Local SEO.


We've notice a common issue with car repair shop owners, local tire shops, and used car dealerships. That was their online presence was almost non existent or was done incorrectly. Google among other search engines take local search very seriously and are meticulous in monitoring the accuracy of the information thats out in the web about your business.


Incomplete Google business listings, poor or outdated website, no social media presence, these are just a few common areas that we find the be the biggest problems in this industry. We've learned how to properly fix all these and those who have listened and partnered with us are surely enjoying the results.

Grow Your Car Sales with Videos

On Site Video Filming

We can travel to your dealership and film inside or outside. All you need is someone who is not camera shy.

We Have The Right Equipment

Have you tried doing videos in-house and turn out less than great? We have the right software and equipment to film & capture audio so it looks and sounds professional.

We Edit & Post To Facebook & YouTube

We'll take care of posting your finished videos on Facebook and YouTube channel along with optimal descriptions.

Videos for Car Dealerships

Check Out This Sample Video

Made for a used car dealership client and their followers love them. Get in touch and let us make one for your dealership At No Cost! 


Advertise Your Dealership The Right Way

Many have attempted to save money when deciding to do this marketing thing on their own, but what ends up happening is wasting valuable time. As a top automotive digital marketing agency, we know what works and find creative ways to bring in consistent car shoppers to your dealership.

Here are a few ways to advertise beyond CarGurus and Autotrader:

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads and Marketplace can be a gold mine for new and used car dealerships. Done properly, expect car shoppers to find and message you with questions to get them in your door.

Google Ads

Google is by far the most popular place people go to search anything. Google also owns YouTube so having a Google ads tied into YouTube where many car shoppers go to research the car(s) they are intending on buying gives you the advantage of being right in front of them.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping ads are very powerful for advertising vehicles are they are the first to show up on results page. Paired with photos and location, car shoppers can easily see the vehicle and if its in their intended location - giving your dealership a head start to grabbing that customer. 

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Crazy Joe's Wraps

"As a new business owner I was using a typical do it your self website builder with godaddy and it was just so blah. When I met Jaime from iSeed Digital, he was extremely professional and had my website up and going in no time. I’m blown away with the way my new website looks and makes me feel that much more professional as a business owner. Highly recommend going with iSeed Digital."

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