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Surprisingly, the automotive industry is where we began our journey as a marketing agency. Our very first client was a local tire shop and still is to this day. We saw a huge hole in the automotive marketing industry that needed to be filled – accepting the challenge – started working with car repair shops, tire shops, and dealerships and now we've grown to be a leader in digital automotive marketing.
So how have we changed the marketing game in the automotive industry? Here's just a few reasons to get started:

Increased Average Monthly Customers

Exclusive Automotive-Focued Websites

Outperformed Their Competition

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How Do I Grow My Car Business?

By Dominating Your Local Market

How were we able to double the amount of foot traffic and phone calls for a local tire shop? Two words: Local SEO.


We've notice a common issue with car repair shop owners, local tire dealers, and dealerships. That was their online presence was almost non existent or was done incorrectly. Google among other search engines take local search very seriously and are meticulous in monitoring the accuracy of the information thats out in the web about your business.


Incomplete Google business listings, poor or outdated website, no social media presence, these are just a few common areas that we find the be the biggest problems in this industry. We've learned how to properly fix all these and those who have listened and partnered with us are surely enjoying the results.

Start With The Basics

One of the most overlooked ways of getting the attention of customers is a website. Think about it, the majority of people go online when looking for a product or service and the automotive industry is no exception. When someone needs an oil change, brake service, or a newer car where do they go. The phone book. Wrong! They google it or ask on Facebook for recommendations.

When you partner with a knowledgeable automotive marketing agency, you won't have to worry about trying to figure out which marketing techniques and strategies are best for you; especially when technology is constantly evolving. Which means you'll have more time to dedicate to your new inflow of customers. As a leading marketing agency in supporting mom and pop shops and well known dealerships, iSeed Digital is a great choice for your automotive marketing.

You'll receive a dedicated partner and all the help you need with your Local SEO, branding, web design, social media management, graphics, local google maps and so much more!

Custom Website Designer

Launch To New Heights With iSeed Digital.

We have motivated and inspired business owners, entrepreneurs, and professionals in a variety of industries. We've designed websites that harness the power of SEO and created marketing campaigns that boosts brand awareness and reached new revenue milestones. The choice to take action is yours.

Why You Need Professional Guidance

There's a lot to consider when you dive into the digital marketing world. From SEO, Google Ads (PPC), Facebook Ads & Marketplace listing, Video Marketing it can get overwhelming and lets face it – you want to make sure you're getting the most bang for your buck.


Now many have attempted to save money when deciding to do this marketing thing on their own, but what ends up happening is wasting valuable time and efforts you could have been putting into your business and most likely LOSING money because you're not getting the results you could be getting with a professional marketer.


There's enough of misinformation out there and while you might have read enough articles or watched YouTube videos, the truth is, the rules of Google, Facebook, and Local SEO are constantly changing. If your spending time watching videos on how to get more traffic or business, something is not working. The only way to efficiently bring in more foot traffic, service more brakes, prepare more car purchases is to partner with an educated, up-to-date marketing team that's continually exploring and refining what works best for you.

WordPress Automotive Websites

We love WordPress! All of our automotive websites are designed using this professional website platform.

PPC Auto Campaings

Pay-Per-Click ads can give your website immense traffic and send an instant boost to your shop or dealership in as little as 24 hours. As PPC specialists, we're able to create an efficient campaign to maximize your dollars which we can prove with the reports we send you.

Local Automotive SEO

Shops are usually only able to serve a certain area. Therefore, being able to stand out and attract customers who live within its service area is critical. Local Automotive SEO is what makes this possible. We've helped car shops exceed revenue expectations using location based SEO.

Social Media Management

More than 1.7 billion people use social media everyday. Your customers are among them. We investigate which platforms are best for your specific population and create that amazing, engaging content your customers will appreciate and come back to you next time they need brakes or recommend you on Facebook.

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Joey Riihl

Crazy Joe's Wraps

"As a new business owner I was using a typical do it your self website builder with godaddy and it was just so blah. When I met Jaime from iSeed Digital, he was extremely professional and had my website up and going in no time. I’m blown away with the way my new website looks and makes me feel that much more professional as a business owner. Highly recommend going with iSeed Digital."

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